Welcome to the BOMA SF LED Program

A BOMA San Francisco & EIG Partnership


What is the BOMA SF LED program?

The BOMA LED Program managed by Energy Innovations Group, LLC leverages the collective buying power of our members along with BOMA Los Angeles and California Hotels and Lodging Association to secure better than wholesale pricing and incentives from LED manufacturers. These prices and incentives are then passed onto BOMA members.

The program serves office buildings, government buildings, hospitality, restaurants, retail, entertainment and virtually any other commercial/industrial market sector throughout the U.S. Companies are not required to be a member of a trade association or a property management company client to take advantage of the Trade Association LED program.


What is the process to receive an LED upgrade?

EIG works with chief engineers, property managers and owners to ensure they have the best LED lighting to meet their needs. We offer both product as well as a turn key approach and walk our customers through all rebate and financing paperwork making it an easy and efficient process.

What is the process to receive an LED upgrade?
  • Contact EIG http://webeig.com/bomasf/upgrade.html.
  • EIG acquires data of building's present lighting conditions.
  • If samples are needed these are arranged
  • Manages utility rebate requirements
  • Introduces project financing options (if necessary)
  • Manages the supply of LEDs for the building facilities to install or arranges a contractor installation (if needed)
We look forward to supporting you on your lighting upgrade!

Case Studies

The Flood Building

Flood Building (870 Market) completes building wide LED upgrade, saving thousands in energy and maintenance for the next 30+ years and wins BOMA Innovative Earth Award!

Mechanic's Institute

Mechanic's Institute (57 Post) completes building wide LED upgrade using PG&E's On Bill Financing =minimal capital outlay, allowing the energy savings to pay for the upgrade!

2000 Powell

2000 Powell, completes parking garage and gym LED upgrade saving over $32k per year with payback under 1 year.